In his demographic analysis of Indiana, AEI scholar Lyman Stone finds our state to be in the midst of a five- to ten-year window during which we may be able to address a troubling demographic trajectory. While Indiana has enjoyed nearly uninterrupted demographic growth, the state will likely hit a population peak in the decades ahead. Stone finds falling fertility, an aging population, and “deaths of despair” to be among the factors contributing to a potential population decline.

As suggested by the report’s title—“Time to Choose: Indiana’s Decade to Decide its Demographic Future”—Stone believes that, unlike some neighboring states, Indiana has it within its power to address the demographic challenges that lay ahead. While Stone makes some policy recommendations throughout the report, his primary aim is to provide a demographic analysis, which generally raises questions rather than provide answers.

Forthcoming complementary analysis from scholars at the Brookings Institution will suggest public policy interventions that should address some of the challenges raised by Stone. Brookings’ assessment of the state and recommendations to improve the Indiana economy and boost job quality would contribute to a newfound flourishing that should support population growth.

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