Mark Muro, Robert Maxim, and Jacob Whiton with Yang You, Eli Byerly-Duke, and Monica Essig Aberg

February 2021

An overview of Brookings Institution’s State of renewal: Charting a new course for Indiana’s economic growth and inclusion, the companion Executive Summary provides a high-level assessment of the state’s advanced industries. The research includes an evaluation of the health of Indiana’s regional labor markets and job quality, as well as an early look at the troubling impact of COVID-19 on Indiana’s economy and workforce. This piece provides a quick look at those findings.

In addition to the data analysis of Indiana’s economy and workforce, the executive summary also includes an abbreviated list of policy and strategy recommendations to help Indiana address the challenges revealed by the research.  These strategies, which draw upon and align with key findings from the AEI research, can be acted upon by the state and its regional, civic, and business partners:

  • Accelerate digital adoption to drive economic dynamism, productivity, and competitiveness
  • Promote favorable job creation and worker transitions to allow for a beneficial “rewiring” of the economy
  • Do more to support workers who aren’t in good jobs so as to promote economic justice, inclusion, and broadly shared prosperity

Read Executive Summary State of renewal: Charting a new course for Indiana’s economic growth and inclusion to learn more and sign-up for Indiana GPS Project Updates to receive more information on efforts to grow prosperity in our state. The full report and the report data sets are also available.

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